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Tony's Email of May 1998 from the Mailbag page

Tony made another trip back to Menwith Hill in August of 1998.
With the help of Bill Garner, he got access to the base and took
some pictures.

Tony writes:

Here is a picture I took last week of the main gate at Menwith Hill, from the inside looking out.

Maingate, looking out

The only way you can recognize today's gym as being the same one in the picture that Bob Hughes submitted is the water tower, the roofline and the vent in the middle, up high.

Since we were there, they've added a weight room, a four-lane bowling alley, a couple of snack bars, upgraded the dressing rooms (male and female now).
As you can see by the picture, the latest construction is out front, adding the newest snack bar. Whatta bunch of wooses these new silent sentinels are.

Menwith Hill Gym

The Royal Hall, where the GI bus turned us loose on the town, is still there, largely unchanged on the outside, but the environment is vastly different, as you can see.
I didn't get inside to see if there are any changes there, but I can tell you this. The Royal Hall is now the back door to a HUGE convention center that runs about three blocks or more back into town.

There's no GI bus anymore. Hell, there's not even a Menwith Hill stop mentioned on any of the buses at the bus stop (which is in the sameplace - but the traffic flow is different).

The Royal Hall

I took this picture about three weeks ago.
Outside, it's the same. Inside, it's a whole new place. The hallway and the stairs are gone. It's one big room now. Remodeled, refurbished and reborn as the Rat and Parrot, it will always be "The Alex" to us.

The Alexander Hotel - 1998

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